The Essentials for Every Effective Speech (Part 1)

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Leadership


Over the last few sessions, we have been discussing tips and techniques for becoming a better public speaker. You can find links to each of these leadership training sessions in the Resources section below.

Today, we’re continuing on the same topic, but shifting the conversation to what I call “essentials” for an effective speech. Let’s start with the first “essential”: passion.



Session Recap

  • A passionate speaker who lacks some communication skills will be more effective than a gifted orator with no passion. Passion is key.
  • To speak with passion simply means showing the audience that you believe in your message and are convinced this message is beneficial for them to hear.
  • No matter your audience, make sure your emotions and words match so that others know you believe in what you are saying.


Game Plan

Today, your game plan is this: evaluate and determine where your communication falls on the “passion pendulum.” Are you more emotional, or more monotone? 

Remember, whenever you’re communicating, your passion level should match your words.


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