Becoming a Better Public Speaker (Part 2)

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Leadership

Last session, we started a series on how to become a better public speaker. I shared part of my journey with public speaking, how I still get nervous before I speak, and my strategy for battling against that fear.

Today, we are diving into a few practical tips that will help you become a better public speaker.



Session Recap

  • Connect with your audience. Answer the question, “Who am I?”
  • It’s great to watch and learn from other speakers, but be sure to take away principles, not methods. Customize your methods to your personality and your audience.
  • Be yourself. The best thing you can do as a communicator is to be true to who you are.


Game Plan

Today’s game plan puts into practice the first two tips to become a better public speaker.

  • Ask yourself: “How do you connect with people?” Are you a storyteller? Do you usually tell jokes? Does your connection with others normally come in the form of doing an activity with other people?
  • Next, think about how that could apply to your public speaking method. Based upon how you normally connect with others, what are some ways you can connect with an audience?


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