Becoming a Better Public Speaker (Part 1)

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Leadership

Effective public communication isn’t reserved for only CEOs, pastors, or professional speakers. All leaders or influencers will have to speak in public at some point. Maybe public speaking isn’t your cup of tea. Perhaps you have had a bad experience. You’re not alone, and I can relate to that fear as well.



Session Recap

  • The fear of public speaking stems from a variety of reasons, such as a worry that the message being delivered isn’t impactful, to a concern about what others will think of us, to the fear that we will be ridiculed if we make a mistake.
  • The key to battling self-doubt is self-awareness.
  • Your strengths give you a message to share with the rest of the world. They help reveal what you are passionate about.


Game Plan

  • Ask yourself: Are you afraid of public speaking? If the answer is “yes”, write down the reasons why public speaking scares you.
  • Now, brainstorm what message or topics you are passionate about and at some point would like to share with others.


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