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Seconds with Shawn


Sixty(ish) Seconds with Shawn

Fear and Anxiety

Anxiety is the byproduct of fear. Something makes us afraid and then that creates anxiety. Our battle is not with anxiety but with fear. If you minimize fear, you will also minimize anxiety. Fear is a real emotion and it shouldn’t be ignored or dismissed, but it...

Sixty(ish) Seconds with Shawn

How to Stand Out

Most of us want to stand out. Whether that is at a job interview, at our current place of work, or even among our family and friends. But let’s be honest: few of us do.    Today, I share the 8 traits that will guarantee you stand out and make you a more...

Sixty(ish) Seconds with Shawn

MLK and Dreams

Martin Luther King Jr. was brilliant at not just communicating a dream but, more importantly, inspiring others to join him in accomplishing the dream.   In the latest Sixty(ish) Seconds with Shawn, I share one of the ways he was able to do this.  ...

Sixty(ish) Seconds with Shawn

Product vs. Process

I’m results oriented. I like accomplishing goals and reaching the destination. But if I’m not careful, there can be a significant downside to this mindset.   In the latest Sixty(ish) Seconds with Shawn, I share what I’m working on so that my leadership is not...