The Power of Authenticity (Part 2)

by | May 20, 2019 | Leadership

Last session, I shared about how vulnerability is contagious. This means if you want to have effective influence, you need to be willing to open up and talk about your flaws, mistakes, struggles, and fears.

Today, I’m discussing this concept in more depth. If we are not careful, we can take this discipline of being authentic to the extreme, to a place where we hurt or distract from our influence because people feel like all we do is talk about ourselves.

In order to use vulnerability and authenticity to the fullest, you must first be honest with yourself. Then you can wield the power of being authentic with others.




Session Recap

  • Be honest with yourself. Self-awareness is the foundation to effective leadership.
  • Establish an “inner circle” of close friends where you can be honest and vulnerable.
  • Be honest with others. Evaluate your motivation for being honest with those outside your “inner circle.”
  • For anyone outside your inner circle, the motivation should always be to encourage, add value, or help the other person.


Game Plan

Today’s game plan is this: Take some time to do a self-examination. Ask yourself this question:

What flaws, weaknesses, blind spots, or failures are you hiding from yourself and others?

If you haven’t done so yet, create an inner circle and begin to share your discovery with them.


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