The Power of Authenticity (Part 1)

by | May 16, 2019 | Leadership

Years ago, when I was asked to mentor a group of young men, I learned an important and valuable lesson from an unexpected place- one that I have not forgotten. Have you ever tried being vulnerable with another person, or group of people? Opening up and sharing something as personal as a struggle you’re having or a weakness you are dealing with? As I learned from a group of 7th grade boys, vulnerability is contagious.




Session Recap

  • You’re probably more insecure than you let on. And most others around you are as well.
  • Insecurity typically stems from a desire to be accepted by others, which is perfectly normal.
  • The desire to be “liked” is so powerful that it can hinder you from being open or authentic with other people.
  • Leaders take the step to be authentic and vulnerable by sharing their weaknesses, which leads others to do the same. Leaders use their authenticity to encourage others around them by sharing lessons they have learned. That’s how we grow!
  • If you want effective influence, practice vulnerability by being quick to share about your struggles, flaws, mistakes, and fears.


Game Plan

A few sessions ago, I shared about weaknesses and encouraged you to write down 3 of your weaknesses.

In a conversation this week, when appropriate, I want you to look for an opportunity to encourage someone else by being vulnerable and sharing about one of those weak areas.

Take note: How does the other person respond?

Feel free to share your story in the comments section below.


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