The Importance of Effective Communication

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Leadership

In our series entitled “Effective Communication” I share the 4 keys to effective communication: Expectations, Praise, Feedback, and Customization. 90% of all management problems, relationship issues, and marital conflict are a result of miscommunication. Learning more about how to communicate well can help you resolve and mitigate, maybe even avoid altogether, unnecessary conflict.

Using the links below, you can access all the leadership training sessions in our series “Effective Communication.”

Key #1: Expectations

Effective Communication (Part 1: Expectations)

Key #2: Praise

Effective Communication (Part 2: Praise)

Key #3: Feedback

Effective Communication (Part 3: Feedback)

Key #4: Customization

Effective Communication (Part 4: Customization)