The Art of Goal-Making: How I Read 25 Books in a Year (Part 2)

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Leadership, Reading

Last week, I started a three part series called “The Art of Goal-Making.” The reason for doing this series now is because this is the time when most people start either breaking their resolutions or entirely giving up on them.

In this series, I’m sharing some tips that have helped me become more consistent in accomplishing my goals. In fact, these techniques helped me go from reading 13 books in 2018 to nearly doubling it to 25 books in 2019.

Today is Part 2 of the series and I share what most people forget when it comes to creating their goals. If you missed Part 1, you can find the link to it below.



Game Plan

What’s your why? In Part 1 of our series on “The Art of Goal-Making”, I shared with you the top 8 priorities that most people have:

  • Spiritual
  • Spouse
  • Self
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Profession
  • Finances 
  • Hobbies

I would encourage you to create a vision statement for each of those priorities.

Think through these questions: Why do you want to be successful in that area? What does it look like to “win” or be successful in that area? Don’t get too specific. You can add specifics when we get to objectives which we will talk about next week.


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The Art of Goal-Making: How I Read 25 Books in a Year (Part 1)