When to Give Criticism (and More Importantly, When Not To)

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Leadership

Anytime you put something out on social media, you have to expect that you might get criticism. I am no exception to this.

Now, I don’t think criticism is necessarily bad. When given in a healthy manner, I think a critique can be very beneficial, especially when it comes to our professional and personal development.

The problem in one particular situation was that this person made two key mistakes that caused their feedback to be ineffective. And these are the same two mistakes that I see leaders make all the time when giving critique.

In this Your Leadership Coach video, I outline what those two mistakes are and share how we can make our feedback more effective.


Game Plan

The next time you want to give someone feedback ask yourself these 3 questions:

    • “Why do I want to share this with them?” 
    • “What would be some reasons they won’t receive it well?”
    • “What is the best communication avenue to give this feedback?”


Tweetable Lesson