The Socially Acceptable Addiction

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Leadership

Most addictions like alcohol and drug abuse are frowned upon and fortunately, there are many ways to seek help and treatment. But those are not the addictions I’m talking about today.

Within the last 25 years or so, there has been an addiction that has grown exponentially, plaguing millions of Americans. And even though this addiction will eventually kill one’s leadership, influence, relationships, and career, as a society we actually are enablers and reward it.

So what is this socially acceptable addiction?



Session Recap

  • Working too much leads to burnout. Working 50, 60, and 70 hours each week has become the norm.
  • How do you battle this addiction? Take time off.
  • Taking time off does two things:
    • Increases productivity
    • Increases your energy and mood
  • Getting enough sleep is one way to recharge. But also try to find hobbies or activities that energize and replenish you. 
  • Good leaders prioritize this practice. Not only will you benefit, but so will your family, and those you lead.


Game Plan

Alright, it’s time to get practical. Think about activities that you can do daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly to recharge your batteries. Break it down even further, it makes it easier. Let yourself dream a little. Make yourself three lists (I’ve given you an idea to get started):

  • What is one thing you can do in the evenings? (Mine: go on a date with my wife, or read a book.)
  • What is one thing you want to do this weekend to have fun? (I’d choose a day at the park.)
  • Monthly and yearly (Top of my list: a trip to a zoo, and an annual getaway with my family.)



What are your thoughts on working too much? Are the dangers exaggerated or is this a real problem for our society? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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