The Pleasure of Inferiority

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Leadership

I recently heard this phrase “the pleasure of inferiority.”

Sounds a little odd, right? For most of us, we don’t equate pleasure or joy with feeling inferior. We think of success, accomplishments, and “being on top” as the factors for joy. Not being inferior.

Yet, as I’ve thought through this phrase and also looked back at my journey, I’m learning that the road to fulfillment (and, ironically, success) goes through a mindset of inferiority.

In my latest Your Leadership Coach video, I unpack the concept of “the pleasure of inferiority,” share why Simon Sinek is ok with being the “idiot in the room,” and the mindset shift we need to have for sustained personal and professional development.



Game Plan

Ryan Holiday says that the antidote to the pretense of knowledge is “studious self-assessment.”

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know the areas in which you don’t know as much as you act like you do.
  • Learn a new skill where you get to be a beginner. (For me, I’m learning Spanish. And it’s hard. But it’s also fun being a “rookie.”)


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