The Most Inappropriate Word I Use on a Regular Basis (Part 1)

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Leadership


Today, we’re starting a series talking about the most inappropriate word I use on a regular basis. At first, I didn’t realize how bad this word really was. In fact, I thought it was actually innocent.

However, wrapped up in this four-letter word was deception, arrogance, passivity, and ultimately slavery. I couldn’t believe how naïve I was to the danger and the effects that this word had on not only my life, but also on the lives of the people around me.

You may think I am overreacting, but over our next few sessions I’m going to show you the danger in this word…



Session Recap

  • The word “busy” is overused. It doesn’t mean anything when we use it as a response to “How are you doing?”
  • These days, most everyone is “busy.” As a leader, you risk losing influence when you say “I”m busy.” (Stay tuned for more on this in the next leadership training session!)


Game Plan

Today, try this:

When someone asks you, “How are you doing?” instead of saying “Busy,” try being real with them. I’m not saying you need to pour out your life to them. But what if you shared some of the things that you are either grateful for or some of the things that you are excited about in your life?

What you may find is that although this may not be a long conversation, when you are being more authentic and real, your conversations will be more meaningful. 



What do you think of the word busy? Share your thoughts in the comment section, and let’s get the conversation started!


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