The Disciplines of a Champion — #2

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Leadership

We are currently in a series on The Disciplines of a Champion. Last week we discussed Discipline #1: The Motivation of a Champion.

Today we are going to discuss the second Discipline of a Champion…


Discipline #2: The Activities of a Champion

When a construction company is working on a project, they don’t choose just any tool or equipment. They choose specific tools for specific jobs. They select the tool that will be the most effective and productive.

We have to recognize that not all activities are created the same. Too many times we mistake activity for productivity. Busy for being effective. That’s like a builder using a hammer when framing your house. He or she will stay busy but a nail gun may be more effective.

Basically, I’m talking about high impact activities. Champions focus on the most productive or impactful activities to maximize their time and results.

What activities will give you the greatest chance of reaching your goals? 

Too many times we settle for activities that are comfortable and “easy” but not the most impactful. If you want to be a champion, you must be ok with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 

You have to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

For example, Tony Robbins, the motivational and life coach, jumps into a cold plunge pool every morning. The pool is about 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Why does he do it? He is forcing his body to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. After jumping into really cold water, nothing else that he will have to face that day seems that unbearable. 

For me, one of my high impact activities is simple. I wake up when I set my alarm. (At least, that’s the goal.) It’s way more comfortable to hit the snooze button for 30 minutes but it’s not effective or productive. I’ve found that 30 minutes of extra sleep is not good sleep and you could use that extra time in more impactful ways.

What are your high impact activities? 

It’s time to put down the hammer and find your nail gun.


Game Plan

Create a “stop and start doing” list. Here’s how:

  • Evaluate your schedule and look at the key activities and appointments on it.
  • Out of the activities that you can control, which are not helping you make significant progress towards your goals? Those are the activities you need to stop doing.
  • What other activities do you need to add in their place? This is where you experiment. Try out those activities for a month. If they are high impact activities, keep them. If not, stop doing them and look for other options to start.


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