The Cure for Insecurity (Part 1)

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Leadership

Can this be a safe place where I can be real for a moment? I need to confess something to you.

I struggle with insecurity. How about you?

Insecurity is something we don’t like to talk about or even admit we struggle with, but let’s be honest…everyone deals with insecurity at some level.



Session Recap

Weapons we have to battle against insecurity:

  • Self-awareness: Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots can help you know yourself well enough to battle against your insecurities. 
  • Preparation: We can grow in confidence when we prepare well. 


Game Plan

Think about the areas of life that you feel insecure in. Write them down. Share them with someone that you trust. That simple act of writing them down and sharing them is powerful in starting to win the war against your insecurity. 


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