Lessons From My Dog, Rudy (Part 1)

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Leadership


Did you know National Dog Day is just one week away? What better way to celebrate this holiday than to introduce you to my dog, Rudy. Rudy is an 11.5 year old English Springer Spaniel. I got him when he was only one month old.

We have spent many years together. I’ve tried my best to train him. But if I’m honest, he has probably taught me more than I have taught him.

In honor of this canine holiday, I’m going to share with you a few lessons that Rudy has taught me. 



Session Recap

  • We let our circumstances affect our attitude way too much. There is nothing wrong with showing emotion, but if we don’t keep our emotions in check they can hurt our influence and leadership.
  • How do we keep our emotions in check? Two ways:
    • Be consistent. Your emotions should be in a consistent range and people should know how you are going to react to certain situations.
    • Have a positive energy. Bring energy and life to the people and environments that you interact with instead of stealing their energy with your negativity.


Game Plan

Answer these questions honestly:

  • Which “emotional check” do you struggle with more, consistency or positive energy?
  • What will you do to be more proactive in how you react to situations?



What leadership or life lessons have you learned from your pets? Leave your most memorable lesson in the comments (or share with us on social media)!


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