How to Manage Control

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Leadership

A few weeks ago I wrote about some lessons that I’m learning during this unique season. One of those lessons is in regard to the myth of control.

Control is an illusion in most cases. In comfort and security, we think we have control but the second adversity comes, it exposes us to the truth: we are less in control than we realize.

In today’s Your Leadership Coach session, I share an exercise that can help you manage control in your life.



Game Plan

First, be sure to complete the exercise from the video. Then, follow these three steps:

  1. Review the items in each of your circles.
  2. What items are you worrying over that you have no control with? Begin to loosen your grasp of control by reminding yourself you can’t influence the outcome of these. 
  3. What direct control items are you blaming other people for? Take back control of those areas by taking responsibility for your role and practice extreme ownership.


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