How to Lead with Significance: Vision

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Leadership

Last session, I shared about a new one-on-one leadership intensive I’ve developed called Leading With Significance. This coaching program identifies 10 qualities that all great leaders have and helps you create a customized plan to lead effectively both in your personal and professional life.

Today I’m sharing why I’ve called this leadership coaching program: Leading With Significance



Game Plan

We’re going to do a little exercise called “The Funeral Experience.” 

Here are a couple questions to ask yourself. Take some time to write our your notes:

  • What do you want your epitaph to read?
  • What do you want people to say at your funeral?

The next test is write down what would people actually say if you died tomorrow. What your write down here are your actual core values.

Now, compare your answers. Don’t worry if you see a gap between what you want people to say and what you think they may actually say. That’s just the first step. You have time to grow…and a great time to start that growth is today!

If you’re interested in learning more about our new one-on-one leadership intensive, Leading With Significance, where we talk about this quality and go into greater depth in your leadership development, use our Contact Us form to let me know and we’ll be in touch.


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