How to Improve Your Culture Through Employee Engagement

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Leadership


Over the last few years, the term “employee engagement” has become a “buzzword” in today’s workplace. And perhaps with good reason, since research has shown that employee engagement is the key to having a healthy organizational culture. 
However, many companies miss the mark, thinking that employee engagement is about perks like unlimited PTO, ping pong tables, and napping pods. There is nothing wrong with having perks, but perks alone won’t increase your employee engagement. 
Today, I’m sharing some steps you can take to improve your organization’s culture by improving employee engagement. 


Game Plan

Here’s the question: What is one thing that you can do to start improving the culture in your company or department?

We can help. The reason I started Shawn Welch Company is to help leaders like you create a workplace that people actually want to work for. Send me a message if you would like to continue the conversation on how we can help you improve your employee engagement.


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