How to Accomplish Your Personal Vision

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Leadership

Over the last two weeks, I’ve shared about how you can discover your personal vision. (If you haven’t read those posts, you can catch up on them here: Discovering Your Life’s Purpose Part 1 and Discovering Your Life’s Purpose Part 2)

This vision is basically your personal definition of success.

The reason discovering your personal vision is so important is because:

  1. It gives you direction. It shows you the destination for your personal life. And it also serves as a scoreboard. It shows us whether we are winning or losing in our personal life.
  2. It gives you the blueprint on how to live a fulfilled life. If you are not experiencing fulfillment, there is a good chance that you are not consistently living out this vision.

Once we have taken time to discover our personal vision, the next step is that we have to give it feet. Put another way, we have to make it practical and create steps that lead us to our destination.



Game Plan

What is your “Rule of 5”? What 5 activities will have the most significant impact on helping you accomplish and live out your personal vision? Write them out — then, share them on social media with us (tag @shawnwelchco so we can see!)


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