Get Rid of the Bulletin Board

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Leadership

Do you have an internal bulletin board?

What I mean is do you have a space in your mind where you have tacked up all of the criticism you’ve received in your life?

I have one. And most competitors or high achievers have one as well.

Our internal bulletin boards can provide fuel to help us succeed both professionally and personally. But there is a cost with using this method as our motivation.

In this Your Leadership Coach video, I share what’s on my bulletin board, why it is dangerous for leaders and high achievers to use this type of motivation, and I offer a better “fuel” that we can use to drive us to success and the accomplishment of our goals.


Game Plan

  • Who is on your bulletin board? 
  • What critics are you still listening to?
  • Acknowledge them (and maybe tell a friend) – lean into them.
  • Replace with them with your successes and future goals


Tweetable Lesson