Organizational Development consulting

HELPING Organizations BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES so that they can become leaders in their industries and add value to their communities

Great organizations value, inspire, and invest in their employees. At SWCo, we provide comprehensive solutions to help maxmize your employee’s potential. If you would like to discuss our organizational development solutions further, just fill out the contact form.

Stategic Planning and Culture-Building

Culture and employee engagment are buzz words in today’s workforce. However, many organization’s think culture is about ping pong tables, happy hours, and napping pods. Culture is more value than benefits and perks. Companies with great culture value their employes and invest in them.

We have a comprehensive solution that will help you define (or redefine) your vision and company culture. Then we will provide the support and training needed to strategically implement your culture in such a way that values your employees, increases their engagment, and ultimately maximizes their potential. 

HR Support

There are so many entrepreneurs and small business owners that by default have become the HR person It is one of the many hats of responsibility they wear along with accounting, sales, operations, IT, etc. They can’t afford to hire a HR Director, but they have pressing HR needs.

We have a passion to see startups and small businesses succeed by becoming leaders in their industries and adding value to their communities. Which is why we provide HR support. Through this resource, we provide an experienced HR specialist to take on your HR needs. Those needs might be stand alone projects like developing a handbook or providing sexual harassment training. Or those needs might be ongoing like assisting with hiring and onboarding. This HR solution is fully customizable and as your business grows, we can grow with you. 


Let us know how we can help maximize your organization’s potential through our culture-building, strategic planning, and HR support solutions. Just fill out the contact form.