Choosing the Right Filter

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Leadership

Filters are all around us. Instagram made filters popular as a way to enhance the photos that you post. Companies use filters during the hiring process to determine who is (or isn’t) a good fit for a role. You and I use filters everyday. We filter what words to say or stories to share (or not share) depending on our audience.

As leaders, it’s vital that we know the filters we are using especially when it comes to determining success.

In this Your Leadership Coach video, I share a story about a time I got rejected and how that moment taught me a good leadership lesson on the importance of our decision-making criteria. Check it out:


Game Plan

    • Take some time this week to think through the filters you are using. What criteria are you using to determine success, the friends in your inner circle who you let speak into your life, the people that you admire and try to emulate your leadership after?
    • Are you using the “right” criteria? Are those filters going to help you get the results that you truly want? If not, then refocus your filters.


Tweetable Lesson