I shared recently about the Questions page on my website. The Questions page has been designed as a resource for you to ask your questions or let me know what leadership topics you’d like me to address.

We had a great question come in not too long ago that I’ll share about today:

“Why do you wear the same outfit in every video?”

Good observation! This is not a coincidence. It’s a strategic choice. I chose to do this for two reasons: consistency and energy. Today I’m going to talk about consistency and next session we will discuss energy.


Session Recap

  • Great leaders don’t surprise their teams in a negative way. They provide emotional safety through consistency. People don’t have to walk around on eggshells around them.
  • Great leaders channel and display their emotions in a mature and appropriate way and don’t let their emotions control them.
  • Consistent leaders create consistent teams that function at a high level.


Game Plan

Ask yourself this question: In what areas of your life do you lack consistency?

Then, ask your inner circle the same question, and where you find overlap, begin working on those areas.


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