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About KZ

What is KZ?

Katartizo (kat-ar-tid’-zo), or KZ, is a Greek word which means “to strengthen, perfect, complete, make one what he ought to be.” I believe all of us have the ability to make a difference in this world. We all have a unique wiring of personality, strengths, and passions, which provide the framework for us to impact our sphere of influence (family, friends, and community). However, that framework is only as good as the effort we put in to grow or get better. Sadly, most people will never get close to reaching their potential. There are many factors that contribute to this. Laziness, insecurity, moral failures, and bitterness are some of the key potential preventers. For me, my number one fear is allowing one of these factors derail my opportunity to make a difference and live up to the calling God has on my life. I want to operate at or close to my maximum potential. At the end of my life, I want to hear my Heavenly Father say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21)

KZ is about understanding who you are, your personality, strengths, and passions, being content with who you are, and then having the confidence to use who you are to make a difference. It’s about becoming a leader.

Why Leadership?

The most common terms used for influencers or difference-makers is “leader.” The word “leadership” evokes a lot of different emotions. For some, they see leadership as a power hungry dictator who only cares about his personal agenda. For others, they equate leadership with a specific role or position in an organization. And then some see leadership as an exclusive club that they will never get into.

The truth is that we all have the opportunity to be leaders. One of the definitions for a leader in the ancient Greek world was simply a “guide or teacher.” It was a person who took the time to invest their life into someone else. Leaders don’t have to have all the answers, exhibit a dominant personality or be perfect. They simply have to be observant to the needs of those around them, available to help out, and intentional with their actions. We all can be leaders by honing in on what make us unique.

What Makes KZ Different?

A simple search online will show that the term “leadership” is frankly overused. There are countless books, podcasts, and blogs on this topic. In my opinion, the massive amount of information about leadership shows its importance and relevance to our society. The problem is that most of those resources focus primarily on theory and do not offer practical application. The goal of this blog is to equip and prepare you for maximum influence. I want to take the leadership lessons that I am learning and share them with you. Hopefully you will see what works and more importantly what doesn’t. I will be as vulnerable as possible with my weaknesses and mistakes, because as leaders, our best learning moments come through failure. Through sharing successes and failures, my desire is that this blog will help to equip you to become a better difference-maker or leader.

KZ Expectations

My target audience is people in their 20s and early 30s (Generation Y or “millennials”) who truly want to make a difference in their spheres of influence. If you are outside this age demographic, it doesn’t mean you are not welcomed or that you won’t get anything out of my posts. But this age range is the lens I look through when generating content.

There are three types or categories of posts that you will see on this blog: leadership, spiritual development, and tools. Posts in the leadership category will consist of thoughts on leadership philosophy, practical application of principles, and learning from the examples of quality leaders who have gone before us. In spiritual development, the focus will be on Christian growth. My faith is very important to me and I hope this category helps equip Christians to impact their current environment. The final category is tools. These posts will be centered on systems or tools that will help aspiring leaders to be more effective in their leadership.

It is my desire to help young leaders grow into the calling on their life. If there are any questions you have or anything I can do to assist you in your leadership journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me.