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My Goals for the 2015-2016 Year


For me, goal making begins in the fall. The way my job works the fall is the start of a new season or year. However, I know for many that the dawning of a new calendar year is also the time to reevaluate priorities and create goals or resolutions. Therefore, this is a repost from the fall. My hope is that this post will serve as tool to help you in your goal making process.

Those who know me well understand that I’m obsessed with goals. I have a type A personality, am super competitive, and love accomplishment. But more importantly than that, I want to live an intentional life filled with purpose. Author Scott Stanley says, “We all have to accept the reality that how we live reflects what’s really most important to us.” (A Lasting Promise) I want to make sure that my cognitive and verbal priorities match my actions. For this reason every September I spend a few days removed from distractions with the sole focus of goal making. (I have shared previously about the importance of goals and how to effectively write them.) During this time I review this past year’s goals, evaluate how I did in accomplishing them, process the key concepts I’ve learned, and then create goals for the upcoming season. I have just recently finished creating my goals for 2015-2016 and am excited to share some of them with you.

Before highlighting some of these goals, there are two main reasons why it’s very beneficial to tell others about those dreams and projects that you hope to accomplish. (I’m not saying you need to blast these aspirations over social media or a blog, but I do think you need to share them with family, friends, and your mentors.) First, revealing our goals provides instant accountability. It serves as motivation for us to do what it takes to accomplish them, because we know someone is going to be checking in on our progress. (Here are a few more reasons accountability is vital to the success of our goals.) Throughout this year, I welcome you to follow up with me and ask how I’m doing with my goals. Feel free to write a comment on this blog or connect with me via social media.

Secondly, I believe in collaboration. One of the best ways we can learn is from the ideas of others. It’s my hope that seeing some of my goals will inspire and motivate you to create goals of your own. Also, I’d like to hear about your goals. Sharing them will help me grow in my goal-making ability. As said earlier, leave a comment or contact me through social media. I’d love to hear about your aspirations.

Below are a few highlights and explanations of my goals. I have also attached a more in depth document with my goals at the bottom.

Development Plans

I first became acquainted with development plans when I was a camp director at Pine Cove. In January my team would come up with development plans for the upcoming year. These plans were an opportunity to learn more about a skill or subject matter that would help us grow professionally and personally. We would choose one plan that the entire team would work through and then each individual picked one for themselves. Once the plans were selected, we then would read books and articles on the topic, meet with people who were experts in that particular field, and finally compose a one page summary of what we learned that would be shared with the rest of the team.

I have taken this concept of development plans and now apply it to my personal goals. I choose two plans a year. One is more spiritually focused and the other is what I like to call a “tool for the tool belt.” My spiritual development plan is focused on prayer and the “tool” I want to sharpen is counseling. In regards to prayer, I feel like this is a spiritual discipline that I am weak in and look forward growing in my relationship with the Lord through understanding it better. When it comes to counseling, I recognize that much of my current role and passion for equipping young leaders will benefit from knowing counseling principles. Understanding how to help others navigate through life’s issues will allow me to more effectively serve my staff and the leaders I meet with.


This is a new category or priority I have added to my goal making process and I am excited to see how it goes. Basically, I will choose a skill that requires some level of practice and work throughout the year to develop it more fully. My skill for this year is to learn Spanish.


Finances are a major area that many people including myself struggle with. One thing I regret is not getting out of debt sooner. I think every person should strive to be debt free by the time they are out of their 20s. For those who are older and haven’t done this yet, don’t fret. I am in the same boat. I am 33 and still have debt, but over the last few years I have been making strategic sacrifices to pay it off. It’s my hope this year to be completely debt free. Also, I believe we should be generous. “We are blessed to be a blessing.” After listening to an interview with Pastor Rick Warren where he shared about how his family makes it a point every year to increase their financial giving, I was convicted. Now I am emulating this principle and my goal every year will be to increase my tithe.


About two years ago, my family and friends confronted me that work was beginning to consume too much of my life. You see, I have been blessed to have jobs that I am passionate about and see the how those roles give me opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. However, I also realized that I would be ineffective as a leader if I continued to work the amount of hours I was putting in. There were many lifestyle changes that I made and one of them was making time for hobbies. Hobbies are activities that allow us to relax and serve as de-stressors. For me I have three main ones: basketball, golf, and fishing. I have created goals on the frequency of participating in these activities and since I’m competitive, for golf I’ve determined a score that I would like to consistently shoot below.


As said earlier my passion is to equip leaders and prepare them for maximum impact. It’s my hope that you will continue to be apart of this journey with me as we grow together in making a difference in the lives of the people around us. To help you on your leadership journey, this website will have two posts per week on the blog and we will be unveiling 3 new products this year. So stay tuned to this site!


“What gets measured gets done.” This is an area I need to improve in. Therefore, I am going to more frequently review my progress in accomplishing these goals. This review will happen 4 times a year. Each quarter I will evaluate my progress and write it down on a chart.

Those are some highlights from my 2015-2016 goals. What are some of your aspirations for this year?

Tweetable Lesson: “We all have to accept the reality that how we live reflects what’s really most important to us.”

Shawn Goals_15-16

About the Author:

I have a passion to equip or prepare young leaders for maximum impact in their spheres of influence. Former Pine Cove camp director and currently a general manager for Hawaiian Falls. I am originally from South Louisiana but now live in East Texas with my beautiful wife, Robyn.

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