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Top Posts of 2015: 1-5


As we countdown the days until the end of 2015, I’m counting down my top posts of this past year.

Top Blogs 1-5

5. The One Opportunity We Don’t Want to Talk About

In the 1970s, Princeton conducted a study where each group was told that they had to preach a sermon on the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) across campus in another building. The main takeaway from the study was “Ironically, a person in a hurry is less likely to help people, even if he is going to speak on the parable of the Good Samaritan.” (Princeton Study) The opportunity that most of us don’t want to talk about and therefore fail to make the most of is the opportunity of…

4. Lessons From My First Summer at Hawaiian Falls

In September I finished my first full summer helping manage a waterpark for Hawaiian Falls. This experience was fun, challenging, and rewarding. My big vision for the staff was that this would be a summer of equipping. The lessons learned would extend beyond being a better waterpark employee. Those principles would serve them for life and prepare them for the future. Of course, like it always goes, I learned more this summer and went through more leadership refinement than probably anyone else on the team. Here are some of the key lessons I learned…

3. 5 Tasks I Try to Accomplish Daily to Ensure Success

I first heard of the rule of 5 from John Maxwell. He uses the illustration of chopping down a tree. If you swing an ax 5 times each day at the tree and hit the same spot, eventually the tree will come down. The same goes for our success. If we know what our personal definition of success is, find 5 effective tasks to achieving that success, and then perform those tasks each day, we will almost ensure reaching our potential. Here is my rule of 5…

2. Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Interview

Between my years at Hawaiian Falls and Pine Cove, I have had the opportunity to interview over 500 applicants. Some of those applicants impressed me and many more did not. Based upon those interviews, I have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for your next interview. No matter how absurd some of these points may seem, remember they made the list because I have experienced all of them over the last 10 years of interviewing.

1. The Most Inappropriate Word I Use on a Regular Basis

At first I didn’t realize how bad this word really was. I thought it was neutral like most of the other words in my vocabulary. However, as I started thinking about my motivation for using this word and the implications it has on the people around me, I was appalled at myself. Wrapped up in this 4-letter word was deception, arrogance, passivity, and ultimately slavery. How could such a tiny word cause so much filth to come out of my mouth? I was naive to this word’s effects for far too long, but now I am proactively trying to remove it and its close relatives from my lexicon. And you should too.

Tweetable Lesson: 

What are some of your favorite blogs from this past year? What lessons have you learned from them?

About the Author:

I have a passion to equip or prepare young leaders for maximum impact in their spheres of influence. Former Pine Cove camp director and currently a general manager for Hawaiian Falls. I am originally from South Louisiana but now live in East Texas with my beautiful wife, Robyn.

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