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Top Posts 2015: 6-10


As we are about to wrap 2015, here my top posts from this past year:

10. Keys to Effective Decision Making

What separates good teams from those that are great? Why do some programs experience consistent success every year, while others struggle to reach mediocrity? It’s amazing how teams can have the same quality people, almost limitless resources, and still experience significantly different results. One of the reasons for this disparity could be training.

9. One Simple Thing You Can Do Today to Drastically Improve Your Relationships

For those that know me well, they would tell you that I struggle with relationships. I don’t like sharing my emotions, can lack gentleness at times, and tend to offer advice more than I listen. I share this because I’m always looking for ways to grow in this area of weakness. About a year ago, I started focusing on one specific aspect of relationships and as a result I have seen it drastically improve my ability to care for those close to me.

8. How to Confront Someone Effectively

One of the most difficult types of conversations to have is confrontation. And yet, if we truly care about people we should be willing to speak the truth in love. When I think about the people who have had the most impact in my life, they all have had one thing in common. They all confronted me. At the time I didn’t like it, but looking back I’m grateful they had the courage and took the time to challenge me.

7. Making Tough Decisions Effectively: Lessons From Jesus Weeping

We all have to make difficult decisions. Choices that not only affect us but those around us. Maybe its having to fire someone on your staff, not selecting someone to be apart of a group or team, or just confronting a friend on an unhealthy habit. Our decisions can cause others pain and grief. But being willing to make the tough choice is what sets apart difference-makers from those that don’t.

6. How the Emergency Room Made Me a Better Leader

In the emergency room, I was reminded that there are many people in this world who have significant struggles and no one to help them through it. Too many times I can retreat into the ivory tower called my house and isolate myself from the world. I hear on the news about people who are hurting, think in mind “I’m glad that is not me,” and then quickly change the channel. That night in ER, I gained perspective.

Not only are these my top posts of the year, but they are also many of the lessons that I’ve learned throughout this year.

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What have been some of your favorite blogs this year? What lessons have you learned through reading them?

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I have a passion to equip or prepare young leaders for maximum impact in their spheres of influence. Former Pine Cove camp director and currently a general manager for Hawaiian Falls. I am originally from South Louisiana but now live in East Texas with my beautiful wife, Robyn.

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